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Key Biscayne, FL Full time
Posted on October 8, 2017
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATE II INTRODUCTION This position is situated in the Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS) at the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS). The research is concerned with observational studies designed to improve understanding of the role that the ocean has on climate, extreme weather events, and ecosystems. The work will involve close collaboration with scientists at RSMAS and the NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML). RESEARCH SITUATION The incumbent will assist scientists and other science support personnel in the analysis and publication of science results that focus on how changes in the ocean affect extreme weather events, ecosystems, and biodiversity. The incumbent will need to have a strong knowledge and significant work experience related to: 1) Assessing ocean mesoscale variability at high-latitudes and of western boundary currents; 2) Evaluating the relationship between mesoscale ocean variability with long-term changes, extreme weather events, and fisheries stock assessments related to management of commercially important fisheries species; 3) Analyzing ocean variability and its link to hurricane intensification using underwater gliders and satellite altimetry as the main data sets; 4) Piloting and operating underwater gliders on a regular basis; 5) Conducting expendable bathymetry (XBTs) cruises aboard ships of opportunity; 6) Analyzing, quality controlling, and distributing hydrographic data from XBTs, underwater gliders, and profiling floats; 7) Maintaining reporting systems from ships in support of whale protection efforts; and 8) Creating and maintaining ocean indicators and indices obtained from hydrographic and satellite observations. The incumbent will produce data reports, and will be expected to develop substantive scientific collaborations across a diverse set of disciplines and fields. SUPERVISION REQUIRED The incumbent will be expected to function with minimal supervision. General instructions regarding scope and objectives will be given. The incumbent must be able to work independently, but will be under the supervision of the Director of CIMAS and will be expected to work with the technical guidance of scientists at AOML. The incumbent is expected to report periodically to the Director of CIMAS on the progress of work. GUIDELINES AND ORIGINALITY The incumbent is expected to demonstrate originality in the development of research activities with a specific focus on the optimization and improvement of existing processes and products. The incumbent will also be expected to sometimes lead, and on occasion, develop new scientific investigations towards the understanding of the role that the ocean plays on climate, extreme weather events, and ecosystems. The incumbent will be expected to have initiative towards improving his knowledge and capabilities, and to lead in the development of competitive peer reviewed scientific proposals. The incumbent will be expected to have the ability to independently evaluate and implement strategies to improve the performance of the laboratory data collection, analysis, and quality control procedures. The incumbent is expected to develop and to work with, optimize and modify, existing data analysis and distribution of products. QUALIFICATIONS Required education is a Master of Science degree in Physical Oceanography and at least one year of relevant work related ocean dynamics and circulation. Potential candidates are required to have been the lead author or co-author of at least one peer reviewed manuscripts in any of the following areas: the ocean dynamics and western boundary currents; air-sea interactions associated with hurricanes; or how ocean circulation affects commercial fish habitat. Required skills include two years of experience in the operation of oceanographic equipment such as underwater gliders, XBTs, CTDs, and ADCPs. Two years of experience with Matlab, FORTRAN and SHELL. Potential candidates must be willing and be able to participate in oceanographic research cruises (up to 60 days per year). To apply please visit Positon # - P100032441