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Miami , FL
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Heavy Equipment Operator

South Florida Water Management District
Miami, FL Full-time
Posted on September 9, 2018
for SFWMD to operate specialized aquatic plant harvesters such as towboats to cut and/or remove submerged, emergent, and free-floating noxious plants/ vegetation from canals that impede navigation and flow, and degrade water quality.  May be required to operate multi excavation earthmoving equipment to preserve and maintain ditches, canals, and levee systems. Such equipment includes: excavator, backhoe, grader, dozer, front-end loader, dump truck, and knuckle boom.  Removes cut plants from the water and stores on the machine until they can be off-loaded and disposed of properly.  Removes vegetation jams and fallen trees that block navigation, access and water flow. When necessary, enters water to remove snags, debris, etc. Assists with field surveys to determine the need for and location of aquatic plant control operations. Inspects equipment for safety issues on a daily basis as well as the condition of the work site prior to setting up equipment. Ensures adherence to safe work practices and procedures. Reads and understands: signs, signals, load charts, grade stakes, excavation plans, load charts for dredging operations, operating manuals and service procedures. Loads, hauls, and dumps materials operating a 15-25 yard dump truck, trailer, and transport equipment and machinery on semi-trailer to and from job site and its loading or off-loading. Measures and verifies levels of rock or gravel, bases, and other excavated material. Monitors gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure equipment is working properly. Operates, inspects, cleans, and performs routine mechanical maintenance on assigned equipment. Moves materials over short distances, such as around a construction site, canal banks, or warehouse. Observes hand signals, grade stakes, and other markings when operating machines so that work can be performed to specifications.  Becomes familiar with digging plans, machine capabilities and limitations, and with efficient and safe digging procedures in a given application.  Uses relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with regulations or standards. This position may be required to perform general welding, fabricating and modifying of materials and equipment. This position may be required to participate in the Pumping Operations Program as either a pump station assistant or pump station operator. This position will be required to support the dive team, as a surface dive tender. Once the diver is in the water, the tender constantly tends the lines to eliminate excess slack or tension. The tender exchanges line-pull signals with the diver, keeps the Diving Supervisor informed of the line-pull signals and amount of diving/ hose/ tending line over the side and remains alert for any signs of emergency. All other duties as assigned. This position is subject to random mandatory drug and alcohol testing. Work hours are Monday - Thursday from 6:00 am - 4:30 pm. High School Diploma or GED and 2+ years of experience operating and transporting pieces of heavy equipment. Valid Class A CDL. Job ID: 2259BR