Miami, FL Area Jobs
Miami, FL Full-time
Posted on July 7, 2019
Remove hazards and develop appropriate boundaries and rules to create a safe environment for children; Instruct and assist children in the development of health and personal habits, such as eating, resting, and toilet behavior; Instruct children in safe behavior, such as seeking adult assistance when crossing the street and avoiding contact or play with unsafe objects; Help prepare and serve nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for children; Teach and perform age-appropriate activities, such as lap play, reading, and arts and crafts, to encourage intellectual development of children; Model appropriate social behaviors and encourage concern for others to cultivate development of interpersonal relationships and communication skills; Observe children's behavior for irregularities, take temperature, transport children to doctor, or administer medications, as directed, to maintain children's health; Regulate children's rest periods and nap schedules; Talk regularly with parents to discuss children's activities and development; Organize and conduct age-appropriate recreational activities, such as games, arts and crafts, sports, walks, and play dates; Supervise and assist with homework; Perform housekeeping and cleaning duties related to children's care.