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Miami, FL Area Jobs
Miami, FL Full time
Posted on December 24, 2017
Information Technology Consultant: (Miami, FL) Responsible for identifying the causes of n/working problems, using diagnostic testing s/ware & eqpmt. Responsible for evaluating local area n/work (LAN) or wide area n/work (WAN) performance data to ensure sufficient availability, to identify n/work problems, & for disaster recovery purposes. Responsible for backing up n/work data. Responsible for analyzing & prep reports on comp n/work security breaches or attempted breaches. Responsible for analyzing n/work data to determine n/work usage, disk space availability, & server function. Responsible for running monthly n/work reports. Reqs Bach's deg in Comp Sci, or foreign equiv, + 2 yrs exp. Resumes: Jorge Papatzikos, El Nacional Global Media Inc., 444 Brickell Ave, Ste 714, Miami, FL 33131.