Business Intelligence Manager

Miami, FL Area Jobs
Miami, FL Full-time
Posted on June 9, 2019
EveryMundo LLC seeks Business Intelligence Manager in Miami, FL to lead analytics & ecomm tracking & data collection; Manage & test analytics platforms, tracking sys, Tag Mgmt Sys & website code implementation; Troubleshoot tracking & web functionality issues; Dvlp device & cross-device tracking strategies; Assess tracking performance; Develop data collection strategies, dataLayers scripts & implement event tracking; Analyze internal product performance; Identify data trends & patterns; Setup data mining & conversion software (Google Analytics, Omniture); Test data integrity; Collect bus intel data from external & internal sources; Generate reports on product performance & bus trends; Define KPIs; Recommend data-driven product improvement. Bach or foreign equivalent in IT, Comp Sci or related field + 2yrs exp in same/similar occupation req'd, incl 2yrs exp in Data Analytics, Data Mining, Test Execution & Troubleshooting & 1yr exp in Tag Mgmt Sys or scientific software, Analytics Installation for ecomm, Tracking Customization & object or component-oriented programming dev software (Java, JavaScript). Little travel req'd. Mail resume to S. Cassel, Ref. BIM, 25 SE 2nd Ave, Ste 900, Miami FL 33131