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Construction Supervisor

Commercial Concrete Systems, LLC   Naples, FL   Full-time     Construction / Physical Labor / Skilled Trades
Posted on June 28, 2024

Collaborate with project, architects, and engineers to develop project plans specifically related to concrete construction. This includes determining the concrete requirements, formwork
design, reinforcement detailing, and concrete placement methods.
Lead and manage construction teams involved in concrete work, including concrete finishers, formwork carpenters, rebar installers, and other personnel. Assign tasks, provide guidance
and training, and ensure compliance with safety protocols and quality standards.
Coordinate the procurement of concrete materials, including aggregates, cement, admixtures, and reinforcement. Ensure the availability of concrete mix designs suitable for the project
requirements. Oversee concrete testing to verify its quality and adherence to specifications.
Oversee the installation and removal of formwork systems used to shape concrete structures. Ensure proper placement and installation of reinforcement, including rebar and posttensioning systems, according to design requirements.
Monitor and coordinate the concrete placement process, including overseeing concrete pours, managing concrete delivery, and ensuring proper concrete consolidation. Supervise concrete
finishing operations, such as screeding, bull-floating, troweling, and curing, to achieve desired surface characteristics.
Implement and enforce quality control procedures specific to concrete construction. Conduct regular inspections to verify that concrete work meets the specified standards and
requirements. Address any concrete defects or non-compliance issues promptly.
Promote and enforce a safe working environment for all personnel involved in concrete construction. Ensure compliance with safety regulations and guidelines, conduct safety training
sessions, and address any safety concerns or incidents related to concrete work.
Monitor the progress of concrete construction activities, ensuring adherence to project schedules. Keep stakeholders informed about the status of concrete work, including any delays,
changes, or potential risks. Propose mitigation strategies to overcome challenges or maintain project timelines.

Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation related to concrete construction, including concrete mix designs, testing reports, quality assurance records, and construction records.
Prepare regular reports on the status of concrete work and any significant developments.
Act as a primary point of contact for project stakeholders regarding concrete construction matters. Communicate updates, address concerns, and resolve any conflicts or issues related to
concrete work.
Identify and resolve concrete-related problems and challenges that may arise during the project. Analyze situations, propose solutions, and make decisions to ensure successful concrete
Stay updated on industry advancements, new concrete technologies, and best practices in concrete construction. Seek opportunities to enhance construction processes, improve
efficiency, and implement innovative concrete techniques.
Be able to work weekends and holidays.
Work in Florida.