Electronic Engineer/Computer Systems Analyst

Brand Institute, Inc.
Miami, FL Full-time
Posted on August 1, 2019
Brand Institute, Inc. seeks an Electronic Engineer/Computer Systems Analyst in Miami, Florida. Function: Software development for in-house applications Duties: -Update and maintain local software applications to analyze statistical data obtained from research processes. -Design and implement programming in Visual Basic and C# language to automate and continuously improve the workload distribution, in order to cope with increasing daily demands. -Work with on-demand requirements for website programming that includes implementation of ASP, HTML and JavaScript code for the Company's daily projects. Function: Overseeing and maintaining Software for other departments Duties: -Periodic analysis and monitoring of Company equipment to ensure software applications are up-to-date and properly installed in the systems. -Develop and test updated software versions to meet new demands and requirements within other departments to adapt to new methodologies. -Detection and at-the-moment correction of bugs, errors and faults in survey programming and local Software applications. Function: Database management Duties: -Develop stored procedures in Microsoft SQL Server to gather, store and manipulate data from web surveys. -Update database with new information regarding pharmaceutical drugs marketed around the world and previously obtained data from other projects to provide feedback into the process. -Link the database to local software applications to allow data download, analysis and reporting throughout all departments within the Company. Function: Survey payments Duties: -Weekly processing of survey data and respondent profiles to correct and update payment information. -Transfer information from database pertaining to respondent payment and ensure the proper transactions take place in a correct and transparent manner. -Provide support for respondents or customers in case a transaction fails. Requirements: Skills in Visual Basic, C# language, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL required. Education and Experience: 1-year Electronic or Software Engineering experience with a bachelor's degree in Electronic or Software Technologies. Salary: $58261/year Email CV to