Author Assistant and Business Partner

Arturo Cuscó   Miami, FL   Part-time     Writing / Editing
Posted on July 13, 2021
Do you want to be a writer, an entrepreneur or a media content producer? As Arturo’s administrative assistant, you will steadily gain experience and develop a valuable network while working in these fields. 
Not so ambitious yourself, but down to work with someone that is? Join me in strategically accomplishing big things! Such as, making hit-stories with valuable moral lessons, creating best-selling media-content (games, movies, TV shows, radio-shows), publishing books, developing new business strategies for media companies, helping marginalized communities, and all while creating wealth & cultural richness!
Please, review the following job offer to see if the opportunity is a right match for you.
(applicants must submit a cover page briefly stating why they are a great fit for a job in writing or media production)
Job Position Title
Your job, as Personal Assistant and Business Partner, will include the following work responsibilities which are further explained bellow:
Writer’s Assistant / Writer / Scribe / Researcher / Secretary 
Additional responsibilities that go the extra mile (if applicant-talent applies):
Social Media Content Producer / Audiovisual Content Producer
Hourly salary ranges from $12-$50 the hour. This pay depends on your talent and on the amount of hours you will work. The max you can make from this job is  $38,400 per year. 
Main Responsibilities List 
Writer’s Assistant
  • General Supervision of Task Lists.
  • Formalize/Reorganize Story ideas.
  • Editing, revising and proofreads. Formalize letters.
  • General organization/management of notes for various projects. Understanding data structures for notes.
  • Formalize business plans. Make business plan from scattered, raw ideas.
  • Write stories or essays.
  • Scribe
  • Transcribe voice memos and highlights of my readings.
  • Research assignments
  • Read, highlight, summarize, outline.
  • Utmost discretion and confidentiality in all aspects of the job where integrity, accountability and loyalty are paramount.
  • General Supervision of Task Lists
  • (Home) Office organization
  • Calendar organization tasks
  • Help With Errands (Both Work Related and Personal) 
    • Sending Gifts
    • Timing and scheduling friendly encounters periodically 
    • Nurturing My Business Network
    • Assistance with my responsibilities:  Taxes, health insurance, license plate, business travel plans, sending gifts, writing letters, knowing how to separate business from family things, a little bit of managing my affairs with non-work-related contacts.
  • Techie - can setup apps and check on and take care of app services, online domains accounts, social media accounts.
Additional Responsibilities:
Social Media Content Producer
  • Design content’s release-schedule.
  • Design posts for social media using our literary and audio-visual assets.
Audiovisual Content Producer
  • Work on video productions. 
  • Work on audio productions.
  • Direct and manage artists to achieve production goals.

Personality Traits. (Ideal Characteristics) 
 Should have several of these qualities but doesn’t need all of them: 
  • Organized and methodical
  • Efficient and timely
  • Hard worker and diligent
  • Creative and structured thinker. A  good capacity for Abstract Thought.
  • Humble, efficient and punctual; respectful.
Experience Markers to Look For
  • Fully Bilingual: English and Spanish
  • Ability to keep track of many subjects of interest. I have about thirty writing projects and several business projects/interests. You must be able to recognize which projects a scattered note can belong to.  
  • Live in Miami and be able to transit to Edgewater for work.
  • Business and/or reading/writing degree (or equivalent experience)
  • 2+ years of Executive Assistant Experience
  • Skills or interest in philosophy, literature, creative writing, psychology, art or graphic design
  • Creative and structured thinker
You may not find a more flexible schedule for a job. Job is perfect for someone who wants to have a small business, studies, or other projects/responsibilities on the side. It is up to you, whether you'd like seasonal or part-time. Full-time is also a possibility but not my preference. I am flexible with how you set your schedule but prefer you to work some range within Monday-to-Friday, 9AM to 7PM. After some months learning the processes of the work, you may also being to work remotely.

Arturo Cuscó

Miami , FL